Wednesday, April 28, 2010

FilthyBird will be playing Live at the Yes! Weekly Mainstage this Sunday.
Holy Ghost Tent Revival----Free outdoor Show at the Shindig!!!!! This Sunday May 2nd!!!

Holy Ghost Tent Revival - Needing You from Will on Vimeo.

The Festival is gearing up to be Amazing!!

The restaurants are stocking up on food, the musicians ready to perform, 100 art and craft vendors can't wait to show you their handmade goodness. The weather is looking fantastic. The Shindig is on!!!!
You will regret it if you miss this, so come on down to South Elm Street on Sunday and have a blast with us. It is FREE. Where else can you have FREE Fun now days??

Pick up the new issue of 99Blocks for an advanced copy of the map this wonderful handdrawn map by This Paper Ship.

See you Sunday!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

ArtBeat and ArtBeat Sponsors

For those of you who may have been living under a rock or just awoken from a long coma; In Greensboro, the first week in May every year is ArtBeat time. What is ArtBeat you say?? ArtBeat I say is a 10 day celebration of the arts in Greensboro. It includes contributions from many different established and emerging arts groups in the areas of music, theatre, visual arts, performance art and street festivals.
Founded in 2007 by Triad Stage, The Greensboro Symphony, and Eastern Music Festival, this years ArtBeat has 16 participants featuring over 60 events spanning the 10 days starting on April 30th and ending May 9th.

ArtBeat is a time to get of your butt and go experience something new!! Attend a concert, see a play, go to a street festival, visit the museums; whatever you do don't just sit there. Don't miss a Beat!!

Visit the ArtBeat website for a complete schedule.

ArtBeat Participating Organizations include:
Carolina Theatre
City Arts: MUSEP Concert
Community Theatre of Greensboro
Downtown Greensboro Inc
Eastern Music Festival
Elsewhere Artist Collaborative
Face-to-Face Greensboro, Inc
Greenhill Center for NC Art
Greensboro Public Library
Greensboro Symphony Orchestra
Piedmont Blues Preservation Society
The Music Center
The Shindig Art, Craft and Music Festival
Touring Theatre of North Carolina
Triad Stage
Weatherspoon Art Museum

ArtBeat is made possible by the cooperation of all these fine organizations above and the many generous sponsors who help make their individual possible and by several wonderful sponsors of ArtBeat like:

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Name one festival that has Roller Derby Girls!!! Dare ya!

Skate on down to the Shindig and check out the Gate City Roller Girls. They'll be skating around letting you know about the resurgence of Roller Derby, Roller Derby Rules (yes, rules!), and when and where you can catch upcoming matches. 8 wheels of Action, don't miss it!! 

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Did I mention that over 100 artists, crafters and vintage sellers will be at the Shindig. That's a ton of local talent in the streets of downtown Greensboro!! Here is a small bit o' art awesomeness and craftacular goodness to whet your art appitite...(would that be your artitite or your appitart?)

This is just 5. Times this by 20 and make it 3D -with food, music and beer- and if you got a good imagination, you might be able to imagine the Shindig!   See you there!

Get your grub on!!!


What is a festival without food?? And I am not talking corndogs and sno cones. I am talking good food from some of Greensboro favorite restaurants. Bring your appitite to the Shindig cause these four will be serving up the goods!

Thai Pan
Iron Hen


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Lyndon Street Artworks, Blowing up the spot!!

 The talented artists from Lyndon Street Artworks collective are uniting like Voltron to invade the parking lot next to Cheesecakes by Alex to unleash an artistic whirlwind that will sweep you up and blow you away!  Everyday I hear of new things planned for their special section of the Shindig...a flamenco band? interactive art project? A mountain of Mashed potatoes you can snowboard down?? We're not quite sure, so you'll have to come check it out and experience it for yourself! In the mean time get an idea of who some of these amazing artists are on their websites below. -Lyndon Street Artworks Homepage   - Erik Beerbower   - Brittany Sondberg  - Brittany Sondberg   - Jillian Webb - Anni Frolich - Ann Lynch - Cindy Flowers - Lori Bushell -Anne Marie Davis